About Matter


Subject Matter Expert

Matter is a pioneering API coupled with a customizable UI designed to translate domain or project-specific knowledge into an accessible GPT-style question and answer system. By implementing advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques, Matter essentially embodies a subject matter expert available at your fingertips, ready to answer any questions related to a specific domain.



With Matter, users input their expert knowledge or data on a given domain, which the API utilizes to generate a dynamic, AI-driven Q&A system. This model becomes more accurate and sophisticated as it's trained on more data, effectively creating an evolving knowledge base that’s uniquely tailored to the user’s needs. Through its versatile interface, users can ask questions in natural language, to which Matter will provide immediate and precise responses based on its training.

Matter's potential applications span across multiple sectors, driving efficiency and accessibility of information. By bridging the gap between domain-specific knowledge and user-friendly interaction, Matter positions itself as an invaluable tool in the ever-evolving landscape of AI technology.

Examples of Use:

Technical Support

Matter can be used to provide comprehensive technical support for products or services. By feeding it with a knowledge base of potential issues and solutions, businesses can offer 24/7, automated, and highly precise technical support to their customers.

Medical Advice

Healthcare institutions can use Matter to provide instant responses to common medical queries. By training the API with a vast array of medical knowledge, it can offer reliable advice on minor health issues or direct users to appropriate medical help when necessary.

Educational Resource

Educational institutions or e-learning platforms can utilize Matter to enhance students' learning experiences. Students can ask questions on various topics and receive instant, accurate answers, effectively making learning a more interactive and engaging process.

Legal Assistance

Law firms can employ Matter to provide preliminary legal advice. By training the system with legal statutes and precedents, it can offer immediate guidance on simple legal queries, saving valuable time for both clients and legal professionals.

Corporate Knowledge Base

Businesses can use Matter to consolidate their internal knowledge base. Employees can ask questions related to company policies, procedures, or specific project details, helping improve efficiency and knowledge sharing within the organization.

Museum and Art Gallery Guides

Museums and art galleries can implement Matter to enrich visitors' experiences. Visitors can ask questions about specific exhibits or artists, and Matter, trained on the institution's knowledge base, can provide immediate and informative responses.

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